Christmas Fairy Lights Wholesale

Christmas Fairy Lights Wholesale

Need bulk Christmas fairy lights for a project or to resell? You've come to the right place! ZHONGXIN LIGHTING carries a large selection of wholesale Christmas lights products, if you're a retailer looking to provide your customers with fantastic shelf-ready packaged Christmas lights, you can choose from over hundreds of different product options.

While our product design and prices are great, our passion for what we do and the services we provide will also benefit you. 

OEM / ODM and Customize request are welcome!

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Christmas Tree motif lights

Christmas Fairy Lights Wholesale - Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China

Here at ZHONGXIN LIGHTING, we stock an extensive range, these include both indoor and outdoor fairy lights, battery operated fairy lights, plug-in fairy lights, solar fairy lights and Christmas fairy lights, a solution to fit any situation. With many different styles available alongside a wide variety of colours and sizes, there is something for every space. Whatever you’re looking for, we have a range to fit your requirements and budget.

Competitive price with consistent and reliable service, world market retailer and importer service experience by sales team;

BSCI, SMETA, WCA factory audit.

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Why Choose Us

Reliable Supplier

Over 13 years experience as a Christmas lights manufacturer.

Durable Quality

Products have 1 year warranty which can be extended to 2 years at request.

Flexible MOQ

No MOQ limits for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, or engineering companies.

Prompt & Effective Communication

Experience teamwork answers within 24 hours.

Your Benefits

Creative Variety & Innovation

Get first access to the new products before the mass market gets them.

Retail Packaging for Store Owners

We offer numerous shelf ready product options including boxed packaging and header card options.

Flexible Products Collocate to Meet Different Demand

 Large selection of Christmas fairy lights for option.


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Christmas Fairy Lights Wholesale

Christmas fairy lights give not only Christmas trees, but also entire interiors as well as outdoor areas a festive and atmospheric ambience. Therefore, it is a logical consequence that fairy lights of any kind enjoy great popularity. In our website you will find a large selection of wholesale Christmas fairy light - exclusively for resellers and dealers. Have fun browsing! 

Couldn’t find what you are looking for?

Generally, there are stocks of common battery operated fairy lights or raw materials in our warehouse. But if you have special demand, we also provide customization service. We also accept OEM/ODM. We could print your logo or brand name on light body and color boxes. 

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What we can offer you…

Best Quality

We have rich experience in the manufacture, design and application of decorative outdoor string lights, and served more than 100 customers from worldwide.

Competitive Price

  We've made sure you can find a light that fits your program budget. Cheap price for decorative outdoor solar string lights and decorative outdoor string lights. 


We provide 3-5 years guarantees policy. And all cost for fault lamps will be on our account if there is any quality issue caused by us within guarantee periods.


We have best shipping forwarder, available to do Shipping by Air, Express, Sea, and even door to door service.

Customization Process

Make plans according to customer requirements

Make plans according to customer requirements

Quote on request by customer Supplementary plans as required

Quote on request by customer Supplementary plans as required

Professional designer on-site check Size and quantity of lamps

Professional designer on-site check Size and quantity of lamps

Deepen the plot

Deepen the plot

Production process

Production process

Transport to on-site installation

Transport to on-site installation

On-site acceptance by both parties is required

On-site acceptance by both parties is required

Our Certificates

Zhongxin Lighting holds the comprehensive safety certifications of lighting products, including UL, cUL, CE, GS, SAA and so on. Our products fully comply and meet the safety and quality requirements of relevant destination countries and regions. Also our factory passes the major social responsibility audits such as SMETA, BSCI, etc.

SMETA 2023
SCAN Audit 2022
Utility model patent certificate
invention letter of patent

Wholesale Christmas Fairy Lights at Attractive B2B Prices

Our Christmas fairy lights is characterized by the selection of a wide variety of decoration lighting elements. In addition to classic lighting, you can also find garland fairy lights clusters, fairy lights for Christmas wreath or garland, 3D wire Christmas tree with fairy lights, or even illuminated LED stars. Browse through our assortment and get inspired.

Benefit from our many years of expertise as an exporter of decorative and gift items, put together your new assortment with the help of our fairy lights. Contact now and benefit from our unbeatable B2B prices!

Christmas Fairy Lights Decorating Ideas

LED fairy lights are incredibly small but amazingly bright, can be used almost anywhere and are so easy to work with! These beautiful lights are perfect for illuminating Christmas decorations or adding an ambient glow to DIY craft projects. Fairy lights feature tiny LED bulbs on a thin, flexible metal wire that can be bent or shaped to fit around decorations or into tiny spaces. Many LED fairy lights are battery powered with a convenient timer function, however some longer strings have plug in adapters or USB connections.

Pop Christmas Fairy Lights in a Glass Jar

If you don't want to string them up over mirrors or doorways, pop your lights into a beautiful vase or giant jar to create a modern lamp or candle feature.

Highlight a Motif

Create a quirky lighting feature on a table by wrapping lights around a metal star or tree. 

Create a Gorgeous Table Centre or Console Table Display

Decorate the table with a string of battery operated Christmas cluster fairy lights, candles and sparkly gems when having dinner with your family or friends. COVID has meant that we have all spent more time staying in, rather than eating out, so why not make a feature of your table and make another night in, feel that bit more like a special occasion. 

Decorate Christmas Tree with Cute LED Reindeer Christmas Fairy String Lights

These glowing reindeer make a perfect lighting option for your Christmas Tree Decoration, Outdoor or Indoor Christmas Decoration, Backdrop Décor, Table Décor, and also for glamming up your patios, decks, pergolas, umbrella, bedrooms, office spaces, and every other place that needs a dash of dazzling drama!

Hang Fairy Light Curtain

Designed to give you a string of bright white light that can hang from curtain rods, against your walls or over the staircase banister, curtain lights are easy to hang and enjoy in a matter of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions: Christmas Fairy Lights

Q: How to put fairy lights on Christmas tree?

A: Instead of wrapping the lights around and round your tree and dangling them on branches to try and make it even, we should go in a different direction completely. We recommends placing your lights vertically rather than horizontally on your tree. So start a the top and drape the lights down along a branch and back up, leaving some space between each line of lights. It also makes it much easier to take the lights down when the festive season ends because they are not tangled between branches.

Q: How to use Christmas fairy lights? 

A: It easy to Christmas fairy lights, for example: Light up your Christmas wreath, hang fairy light curtain, place starburst fairy lights or Christmas ribbon fairy lights along your kitchen table, fill empty vase, bottles or jars.

Q: Can you use fairy lights on a Christmas tree?

A:  Of course, Christmas tree with fairy led lights, the warm glow of fairy lights will make it truly enchanting. 

Q: What's the difference between Christmas light and fairy lights?

A: Fairy lights are typically extremely tiny bulbs on very fine wire and are very seldom for outdoor use. Christmas lights will be on heavier wire and larger bulbs and can be indoor/outdoor use depending on their ratings. Fairy lights are often sold along side Christmas lights and will sometimes be called twinkle lights, doll house lights, and a myriad of other names.

Q: Where to wholesale Christmas fairy lights?

A: You are right here at Zhongxin Lighting, the Christmas fairy lights factory, wholesale Christmas fairy lights now.

Q: How to wrap fairy lights around a Christmas tree?

A: Starting at the top of the tree, intertwine the lights on top of and under branches. Work your way down and around the tree, hanging lights in the back as well. When you reach the bottom, hide any extra lights behind the tree.

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